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Guidance for FEAPU Qualification examinations

This document provides the information that Candidates who are hoping to undertake the FEAPU examinations will find useful.

Please note that the FEAPU qualification can only be officially given to Candidates trained within the European Union (UEMS recognised countries).

International fellowships will be offered from 2014 onwards to a limited number of non European candidates wishing to take the exams. This will be on a first come first serve basis. You will need to provide evidence of satisfactory training from your respective head of the dept.

  1. FEAPU examinations are held in two parts: Written MCQs and Orals on structured clinical scenarios. It is necessary to pass both the parts to receive the FEAPU certificate.
  2. The MCQ test can be taken anytime during the two year training period. The Orals can only be taken at the end of the training. Any candidate may wish to take both the parts together in the same year but this will be at the end of the training.
  3. All applications for the exams must be submitted before the deadline of 31st of October the previous year. For e.g. if you wish to take the exams in January 2017, your application must be in by 31st of October 2016. No applications will be accepted after the deadline.
  4. Once accepted for the exams, the candidate must pay the said amount immediately. If fees are not paid, the candidate will be barred from taking the exams.
  5. The MCQ test is for the duration of 2 hours and comprises of 100 single correct answer questions. There is no negative marking; the pass mark may vary each year depending on the degree of difficulty of the set paper.
  6. The orals are based on structured clinical scenarios. Each candidate will be examined over two tables with two examiners on each table. Two scenarios per table, one examiner will conduct the viva and the other will just take notes. After 10 mins, there will be swap over and the examiners will switch roles. Each candidate will thus be examined on 4 separate scenarios. It usually takes about an hour to complete the orals on 4 scenarios.
  7. In the Orals, Candidates are marked from 4-8 for each scenario by each examiner independently on a single table. Candidate scoring 12 passes on that scenario except if they score 4 in any single scenario. If they score 5 in one scenario, they can pass overall if they score at least 7 in the other. If they score 4 in any scenario, they cannot pass. With 4 scenarios, each candidate can score an overall maximum of 64. The pass mark overall is 48 (12×4).
  8. If a candidate fails the MCQ or Orals, they can sit the exams again the following year. If they pass one of the parts, they have to only repeat the part that they were unsuccessful.

2017 FEAPU Certification Exam application is now closed.
Applications are currently reviewed, will inform soon the applicants.

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