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Requirements for FEAPU

Please find below, the criterias for certification to become a Fellow of the European Academy of Paediatric Urology by the Joint Committee on Paediatric Urology (JCPU).

The applicant has to prove that she/ he has confined her/his practice to paediatric patients in an appropriate paediatric unit and has been practicing paediatric urology in more than 80% of the (full time) work time within the last 4 years and has to pass a written qualification exam. Additionally from 2012 on an oral exam (socalled clinical scenarios) will be introduced.
Those who are already training in an officially recognized training programme have to complete their two years fellowship programme and have to pass a written qualification exam. From 2012 on an additional oral exam will be introduced as well.

The applicant must practice Paediatric Urology in a country that is either full member or associate member of the UEMS (see list at   www.uems.net)

An application fee of € 60 (for each written and oral exams) is required. Only those applicants that have paid will be reviewed. A bank account for the fee will be found at ESPU web site. Or if you prefer to pay by credit card, please send your credit card details to the administrative coordinator jcpu@espu.org and your fee will be charged.

You will be issued with a receipt for this payment.


The applicant must apply directly to the secretary of the JCPU for certification to become a Fellow of the European Academy of Paediatric Urology. Only complete files with the appropriate forms (online available) will be worked on by the JCPU Board!

Check list for the application:

  • A Curriculum Vitae of the applicant
  • Submission of a surgical log of the whole department as well as of the applicant of all paediatric urology cases performed during the previous calendar year. The surgical log should be co-signed by the hospital medical director.
  • A supporting letter from the chairman or the secretary of the appropriate national scientific association stating that the applicant is practicing more than 80% of the fulltime work load in paediatric urology only.
  • Evidence of CME or evidence of attendance at 2 major paediatric urology meetings within the last 3 years.
  • A list of publications or any other academic work done concerning paediatric urology.

Certification will be reviewed by JCPU and upon favorable review of the above mentioned total application appropriate certification will be issued.

The certification and title of Fellow of the European Academy of Paediatric Urology is issued for a 5 years time period and can be renewed on the basis of appropriate CME accreditation. Currently a total of 250 CME points within these 5 years is necessary with 125 out of these pure paediatric urology to get recertified upon application and review by the JCPU Board.

Applying for Exam:

From 2017 exam, application will be made only online.

Administrative Coordinator:

Mrs Véronique Michiels
ESPU Administrative Coordinator
UZ Gasthuisberg
49 Herestraat
3000 Leuven

Tel: +32 16 346698
Fax: + 32 16 346931